Friday, December 2, 2011

BPA Contamination: Which Foods Should You Avoid?

canned_green_beans.jpgBPA, Bisphenol A, has been all over the news as a dangerous byproduct that humans may ingest from plastic products.

Did you know that BPA from canned green beans is likely higher than any BPA you can ingest from a plastic bottle or other food source?

Now, you may be wondering what's so bad about BPA and if you need to stop eating canned green beans?

Disrupted endocrine function: BPA can act like an estrogen hormone in the bodyIncreased cancer risk: primarily the hormone-based cancers like breast and prostateDecreased fertilityCould interfere with neurological developmentObesityReduced thyroid functionDiabetesHeart DiseaseAsthmano-bpa.jpg Canned soups and vegetables: Rinse these foods to get off some of the BPA, or try Eden Brand or Native Forest productsCanned infant formulaCanned soda and anything else in a can since it has a plastic liningFood in plastic containers with the number 7 on the packageNon-food item: Paper receipts contain BPAResearch has found significant health concerns with high levels of BPA, but humans are only consuming, on average, very low and slow doses. Therefore, it would be only imperative for pregnant women, babies, children, and women who may become pregnant to monitor their BPA intake. Most water bottles are now BPA free. Plastic containers are the least of my worries nowadays. If you are concerned, you can always buy glass containers.

I pay more attention to the packaging of my foods, and look for labels to say that the packaging is BPA free. But, as always, focus on eating more fresh and unpackaged foods, and we will have one less thing to worry about!

Do you avoid BPA?

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