Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smart Halloween Candy Removal Tips

Halloween_candy_corn.jpgGrowing up, I always had a massive bag of Halloween candy that lasted me a whole year.

Any food that has such a long shelf life is probably not a good choice. I know that many who are trying to lose weight worry about the temptation of candy.

So, even if you don't recognize Halloween, here are some ideas for removing candy from the house.

Participate in a candy buy back program. Dietitians are not the only ones who want you to consume less candy. Dentists want to save your teeth as well! In the USA, we have a buy back program where your local dentist will buy back candy in exchange for coupons, prizes, and cash. The UK also has similar programs.Send your candy to US troops. Many living away from home would love to receive a care package of candy. Soldiers' Angels is one program that will send your candy to the soldiers. Many dentists are also doing this in the buy back programs.Make a craft project! Make a candy mosaic (a picture out of candy), or a festive candy wreath.Call your local hospital or nursing home and do a reverse trick-or-trick. Go around to patients' rooms, and give out candy (as long as you get permission for which patients can eat the candy).Save the candy for the next Holiday. At Christmas, you can make decorations out of it, or use it to make Gingerbread houses. At your next birthday party or gathering, stuff a piƱata full of the candy. Donate to a food bank, or shelter. If you live in the USA, contact Feeding America. For Canada, try Food Banks Canada. For Europe, try the Federation of Food Banks. For other countries like New Zealand, try the Salvation Army.

Of course you can eat a few pieces of candy without ruining your health! If you are going to choose to eat candy, I would recommend a healthier option like some dark chocolate.

However, if you ate just three extra pieces of candy per day and kept the rest of your diet the same, it could lead to weight gain over time. And for those dedicated to their weight loss routine, candy in the house is a frustrating obstacle.

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